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Rida Gatphoh

Singer and Songwriter of Rida & The Musical Folks, founder of Dak_ti Craft and visiting faculty at NEHU - Shillong.
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Shaun Morehead

Musician (Bom player) with Rida & The Musical Folks, miniature artist and a session drummer from Shillong.
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Bah Rojet Buhphang

Duhalia or Traditional folk artist, Musician (plays tangmuri, Singphong, Padiah and Bisli) with Rida & The Musical Folks, traditional instrument maker and co-founder of Seing Riti Institute- a school for traditional music in Meghalaya.

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Risingbor Kurkalang

Duhalia or Traditional folk artist, Musician (plays Maryngod, Sitar and Duitara) with Rida & The Musical Folks and traditional instrument maker.
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Milda Shylla

Traditional Potter who manages the society of women potters practicing the ancient craft of black clay pottery in Tyrshang- Meghalaya and is the driving force in preserving this art.
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Yophie Shylla

Traditional Potter from one of the five families in Tyrshang that continue to practice the ancient technique of black clay pottery.

Amitabh Behar

Khraw K. Lanong

A multi-disciplinary artist who after completing his studies at Art Academy of Dusseldorf and running his own art gallery returned to settle in his hometown- Shillong where he is now a guest lecturer in NEHU, assistant professor in NIFT and a freelance visual artist.
Barsha Poricha

Amarnath Hazarika

Musician (Duitara and Guitar player) with Rida & The Musical Folks and faculty at True School of Music – Mumbai.
Govind Bhattacharjee

Syed Kazmi

Video and Graphic artist with Rida & The Musical Folks who explores new media and its possibilities to create experiences.
Monica Banerjee

Dr Monica Banerjee

Monica's work for 18 years at the National Foundation for India comprises fostering voluntary action, particularly in rural and remote areas, to recover the agency of ordinary people. She leads NFI’s programs on Elementary Education, Community Health, Peace and Justice including the northeast desk.
Sathyasree Goswami

Arati Rao

Arati is an independent environmental photographer & writer documenting the slow violence of ecological degradation and climate change on ecosystems & livelihoods along South Asia's rivers. Her multimedia longform, slow journalism work, The Freshwater Trail.


Widely regarded as a pioneer in the field of Science and Technology Studies and the creator of the concept of cognitive justice, Shiv Visvanathan is an eminent intellectual and a distinguished social scientist of the country. Presently a Professor at the Jindal Global Law School and the Executive Director of Centre for the Study of Knowledge Systems at O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonepat, Haryana
Udayon Misra

Parimal Bhattacharya

Parimal Bhattacharya is a Kolkata-based writer, most recently, of No Path in Darjeeling is Straight.
Siddiq Wahid

Siddiq Wahid

Siddiq Wahid is a political historian of Central Asian history, professor and former Vice Chancellor
Designation: Author, Political Historian, Activist
Parasher Baruah

Parasher Baruah

Parasher Baruah is a Film and Television Institute of India graduate in cinematography who hails from Dibrugarh, Assam. Baruah has also been associated with very popular and widely viewed musical travel shows like Sound Trippin,The Dewarist , Coke Studio and MTV Unplugged.
Surjit Thokchom

Anushka Meenakshi

Since 2011, Anushka & Iswar have worked together at the Uramili project, looking at music, rhythm and performance in everyday life, with a focus on the connections between music and labour. They are also members of Perch, a performance collective based in Chennai.
Alay Barah

Iswar Srikumar

Since 2011, Anushka & Iswar have worked together at the Uramili project, looking at music, rhythm and performance in everyday life, with a focus on the connections between music and labour. They are also members of Perch, a performance collective based in Chennai.
Yui Nakamura

Yui Nakamura

Yui Nakamura, is a Program Officer at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF), a non-governmental international foundations based in Tokyo, Japan. Yui is currently overseeing programs mainly in India and neighboring countries in South and Southeast Asia at the Sasakawa Pan-Asia Fund, conducting people to people dialogue projects that address issues relevant to sustainability and regional security in the pan-Asian region.
Kritika Mahindra

Partho Bhattacharya

I was grown up in a village and did my studies in Calcutta. A graduation from Calcutta university. I travelled extensively in India. During last 30 years, I spend most of my time in France.

Lalsawmliani Tochhawng

Lalsawmliani Tochhawng is Senior Programme Officer, India International Centre and Secretary of the Centre's Film Club

Joy Banerjee

I am Joy Banerjee. 58 years old. I am a TV journalist working for the french national TV France 3 . I am also a free lance documentary film maker. My film are mainly about West Bengal and Bangladesh.
Raju Narzary

Pankhi Saikia

"Pankhi is a self-taught artist based in Guwahati. Her paintings have been exhibited in various art exhibitions. Through her paintings, Pankhi has tried to portray various aspects of Assam and North-East. She has a background in business management."
Raju Narzary

Diki Sherpa

Diki Sherpa is a 1st year Ph.D student in the department of history, University of Delhi and she is also associated with Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi.
Raju Narzary

Kobid Bajracharya

Music Producer
Musician/Performer based in Kathmandu.;
Raju Narzary

Samyog Regmi

Contemporary Music performer and arranger.
Raju Narzary

Pushpa Palanchoke

Songwriter, Singer and Trainer.
Raju Narzary

Sangam Panta

Music Producer
Raju Narzary

Riken Maharjan

Artist / Audio engineer
Artist,Producer,Live Engineer, Teacher.
Raju Narzary

Merit Maharjan

Sound Effect Percussionist, Photographer, Cinematographer.
Raju Narzary

Prabin Maharjan

Music Promoter
Musician, Music Journalist, Writer, Photographer
Raju Narzary

Bikesh Bajracharya

Musician, Photographer, Cinematographer, Light operator
Raju Narzary

Geetanjali Surendran

Gitanjali Surendran is a Harvard, Oxford and JNU trained historian of modern South Asia, currently an Associate Professor at Jindal Global Law School. She is working on two book projects—one on Anand Bhawan, the Nehru family home in Allahabad, and the other on modern Buddhist revival in India.
Raju Narzary

Sirawon Khathing & Ningtoutao

Sirawon Khathing - Biscoot & Rain is a collection of designs inspired from places we love and have lived in. Designed and created by visual artists Sirawon Khathing & Ben Ningtoutao. Sira is based in Mumbai and Ben in New Zealand.
Raju Narzary

Kai Friese

Managing editor, India Today
Raju Narzary

Kaur Chimuk

Artist-Curator- Writer
Raju Narzary

Sukant Panigrahy

Artist-Space designer-Envormentist- Curator